How to lose 10 pounds in a week?

Losing pounds isn’t a smooth path for everyone. Some people have it rough and struggle with weight. Are you one of them? If yes, the 7-step plan can make you lose ten pounds within seven days. You strictly adhere to the rules and guidelines to attain the above results. The results of the 7 step plan are so impressive. This plan suits those looking for a short term goal. It also motivates those who want to attain long terms goals. There are plenty of testimonials on the internet that lure people to check out this plan. People with eating disorders are discouraged from trying out the 7 step plan to lose 10 pounds in a week.

Is it possible to shed ten pounds in just seven days?

People are constantly asking questions if it is possible to lose ten pounds in a week’s time. The answer is yes. However, you won’t lose pure fat. It is practically not possible to 10 pounds of fat in seven days. You will lose a small amount of fat and water weight. This weight loss plan significantly reduces the insulin levels in the body. As a result, the body tends to get rid of some stored carbs by binding them with water.

Low insulin levels also result into the kidney excreting more sodium. This reduces the water retention rate. You are also likely to lose weight because of undigested food and waste in the intestines. Below are the seven steps you should follow in order to lose 10 pounds within seven days:

Consume more lean protein and less carbs

Strict adherence to low carb diet can help you lose some pounds within days. This is the reason some fitness experts encourage people to eat low carb diet if they want to shed off some weight. A decrease in carb intake significantly reduces bloating and water weight. Protein can reduce your appetite and increase your metabolism. It would be good if you avoid starchy carbs during this one week. If not, consume them in low amounts.

Substitute junk foods with whole food

The process of losing ten pounds in one week isn’t simple or easy. Junk foods can shutter you dreams of shedding ten pounds. Instead, focus on whole food. Whole foods are known to make a person feel full faster. This results into a person eating few calories. You must focus more in single ingredient or whole meals. This will reduce your calorie intake.

Reduction of calorie intake

There are different ways of reducing calorie intake. The amount of calories you take during the one week determines if you lose some pounds or not. You will not lose fat if you don’t reduce your calorie intake. Below are some tips you can use to check your calorie intake:

  • Count your calories- There are plenty calorie tools you can use to monitor the amounts of calorie you consume.
  • Avoid snacks and only eat during meals.
  • Avoid drinks with high amounts of calorie. Instead, go for low calorie drinks.
  • Eat plenty of vegetables

Consider Resistance training

Resistance workout can increase the rate you burn fat. This type of training is vigorous. Weight lift is an example of resistance training. These types of workout routines can make you lose weight in two ways. They lower both water and carb stores weight in the body. Resistant workout routines also ensure your hormone and metabolism levels are intact thus promoting weight loss. Diet can affect your hormone and metabolism levels if not careful. The metabolism and some hormones aid weight loss.

You should dedicate a reasonable amount of time on resistant workout. This is the secret towards getting one step closer towards losing ten pounds. Persistence and constituency is the secret on resistant workout. There are plenty of resistance workout routines. Go for a routine you can comfortably perform.

Be more active outside the Gym

You must work twice hard in order to lose 10 pounds within a week. Therefore, increase your activities even when outside the gym. This improves the rate in which your body burns fat and shed off more weight. The schedule of a person determines if they will successfully attain the goals set by this weight loss program. Active people are likely to lose weight when compared to those who seat around. You can also engage in some activities such as biking, walking and climbing the stairs, among others.

Intermittent fasting

Intermittent fasting has successfully helped people lose weight faster. This diet plan can increase the rate in which your body burns fat. Intermittent fasting makes you watch the calorie intake you take. You should consume low calorie in order to lose ten pounds within a week. A combination of exercise and intermittent fasting can make you lose ten pounds.

Reduction of water retention

There are a couple of methods you can use to reduce the water retention rate in the body. Below are some of these methods:

  • Coffee- Coffee contains caffeine which can make the body lose excessive water and burn fat.
  • Use Dandelion extract- This supplement can help you get rid of some excessive water in the body.
  • Avoid meals that are intolerant. Such meals can increase the water retention rate in the body.

Bottom Line

Your diet and strict workout routine can help you shed of ten pounds in just seven days. This won’t be pure fat but it is a good start. Follow the above rules and guidelines if you want to lose weight within seven days.