Is alternate day fasting healthy?

Intermittent fasting comes in different ways. Alternate day fasting is a type of intermittent fasting. As the name states, you are required to fast every alternate day. Afterwards, you are free to eat whatever you want on the days you are not fasting. Alternative day fasting has successfully helped plenty of people shed off some weight. In the long run, it reduces the possibilities of contracting type 2 diabetes and heart condition. Below is a comprehensive guide on alternate day fasting:

How to perform Alternate- Day fasting

Alternate day fasting requires strict adherence to the guidelines for any positive results. You must fast every alternative day. This intermittent fasting routine insists you must check out what you eat only half of the set timetable. There is no limit on the calorie free beverages you can drink while fasting. Modified alternate day fasting allow you to eat not more than 500 calories while fasting.

This results into a person having the energy to drive on throughout the day. There are plenty of alternate day fasting guidelines. The most common one is “the every other day diet”. It was written by Dr Varady. People have widely accepted and adopted alternate day fasting because of the numerous health benefits it presents to people. It is also easy to follow when compared to traditional diet. Weight loss is one of the benefits of this diet strategy. Research has revealed you are likely to attain the same results despite on how you consume your 500 calories.

Research has revealed that a lot of people prefer modified alternate day fasting when compared to full fasting. Furthermore, it delivers the same results.

The relationship between weight loss and Alternate-Day fasting

Alternate-day fasting is one of the most effective ways of losing weight. Obesity and overweight is increases the risk of contracting some chronic conditions. Alternate-day fasting can help different kinds of people attain their weight loss goals.

Calorie restriction while on Alternate-day fasting is the key determinant if it will work for you or not. You will also attain reduced inflammatory markers and reduced belly fat. Comparison between different diet routines revealed that alternate-day fasting is one of the most powerful and effective routines. It is also friendly to beginners who have never adopted any diet plan for weight loss. Adherence to alternate-day fasting can result into preservation of muscle mass and significant reduction in fat. Combining alternate-day fasting with resistant training can speed up results. You must be consistent with your workout routine for any results.

Hunger and Alternate-day fasting

There are two theories that try and explain the relationship between hunger and alternate-day fasting. This is because hunger on people on this fasting diet is not constant. The first theory suggests that the hunger levels remain unchanged on your fasting days. The second theory claims that hunger significantly reduces when you fast under this fasting plan. Another research was carried out on modified alternate-day fasting. It was discovered that plenty of people preferred it over full fasting. Anyone on this diet plan must checkout their calorie consumption. It was discovered that there were changes in ghrelin and leptin hormone.

Modified alternate-day fasting is capable of reducing hunger in the body. The traditional fasting is linked with compensatory hunger. Compensatory hunger results into eating more. This compensates calorie restriction. All in all; it is fair to state that hunger depends on the metabolism of a person.

Is there a link between Body composition and Alternate-Day Fasting?

Some people adopt the alternate-day fasting because of how it can impact your body composition. This fasting diet has on numerous occasions proven capable of reducing fat mass and overall weight. Above all; alternate-day fasting is capable of maintaining and improving your muscle mass. This is what helps alternate-day fasting shed off unwanted fat. Preservation of muscle mass helps maintain your body composition. Plenty of research and practical have been carried out to confirm if this fasting diet has a direct link with the body composition of a person.

The top health benefits of Alternate-day Fasting

This fasting diet offers plenty of benefits besides weight loss. Here are some of these health benefits:

Type 2 diabetes- Type 2 diabetes is on the increase. This condition has no cure. It simply needs to be maintained. Type 2 diabetes makes the blood sugar levels rise above normal if not well maintained. Restriction of calories intake and weight loss, reduce the possibility of a person contracting type 2 diabetes. Obese and overweight people are more prone to type 2 diabetes. Alternate-day fasting can help overweight people shed off some unwanted fat. This fasting diet can also reduce insulin resistance and insulin levels in the body. High amounts of insulin level linked to overweight can result into cancer and other chronic conditions. The reduction of insulin resistance and insulin levels in the body reduces type 2 diabetes. This can be more effective when there is weight loss involved.

The heart health- A lot of people die every day because of heart condition. Obese and overweight people are more likely to suffer from heart conditions. Alternate- day fasting promotes weight loss. This automatically reduces the possibility of contracting heart condition. Alternate-day fasting reduces the possibility of heart condition by decreasing triglycerides in the blood, increasing the size of bad cholesterol, reducing blood pressure, reducing the percentage of bad cholesterol and cutting the waist circumference.

Autophagy and Alternate-day fasting

Autophagy entails degrading and recycling of old cells part. The entire process helps prevent different kinds of conditions such as heart disease, neurodegeneration and cancer, among others. This is mostly experienced in alternate-day fasting. Intense research revealed that autophagy also reduces the possibility of developing tumor and the aging process. Studies are underway to confirm if the autophagy process is capable of increasing the lifespan of a person as witnessed in animals. Autophagy process is also capable of reducing oxidative damage.

Alternate-day fasting and Induce starvation mode

Most of weight loss techniques result into low resting metabolic rate. This is what is called starvation mode. The body conserves energy when you limit your calorie intake. This process results into the body burning low calories. Your body might stop the process of losing weight. You might also feel miserable.

Well; this is quite different when it comes to alternate-day fasting. Studies have revealed that this diet plan doesn’t have a lot of impact on metabolic rate. The capability of alternate-day fasting to hold muscle mass intact makes it not lower the resting metabolic rate of a person.

Is Alternative-day fasting recommended for everyone?

Yes, anyone can comfortably adopt the alternative-day fasting routine. This diet routine offers more than just weight loss. It also has plenty of health benefits. Results will only be attained if you follow a strict diet. This will help you burn fat fast. As seen earlier, obese people are more prone to some chronic conditions. The intake of few calories is what helps people lose weight. This diet plan also reduces the possibility of contracting some chronic condition.

What to drink and eat while fasting

People prefer alternative-day fasting over other diet plans because it doesn’t specific meals you should consume or drink when fasting. The vital thing is that your calories intake shouldn’t exceed 500. You are encouraged to consume meals with low calorie while fasting. People are also free to determine how they are going to consume their meals. Due to calorie intake limitation, go for a balanced diet. This ensures your body attains all the vital nutrients while fasting. Soup is also a good option when fasting. It is likely to make you full faster. Here are some other meals you should consider when fasting: lean meat with salad, vegetables, yogurt or fruits.

Is Alternate-day fasting safe?

This is one of the most searched questions regarding this diet plan. Alternate-day fasting has been proven safe for most people. It has never been linked with weight regain after a specific period. In fact, it is recommended for long term results. It is also comfortable when compared to fully restricting calorie intake.

Additionally, alternate-day fasting is also capable of reducing binge eating and depression. You body complexion can improve if you strictly follow the provided guidelines. Expectant ladies, people with eating disorders and lactating mothers should consult their doctors before adopting this diet plan.

Bottom Line

This is one of the most effective diet plans. Alternate-day fasting can help you attain your desired weight. There are also other health benefits linked to alternate-day fasting. Try it today.