Here’s What You Should Eat Post-Workout According To Science

Workout requires determination and consistency. This is the secret towards attaining your goals. Do you take a meal after workout? There are specific things you should bear in mind if you want to attain goals within the shortest time possible. You should always eat the right nutrients.

Taking a meal after workout is crucial

There are various reasons why you should eat the right meal after workout. You need energy when working out. Therefore, your muscles will use glycogen stored in the body as fuel. Protein in muscles might also get damaged or broken down. Your body will try to repair the damaged protein muscles and compensate the lost glycogen. This is where the kind of meal you consume comes in. Consumption of the right diet will help rejuvenate your body faster. In most situations you are encouraged to consume meals rich with protein and carbs after workout. Meals rich with protein and carbs help the body in the following ways:

  • It helps the body restore the used glycogen
  • It speeds up the recovery process
  • It facilitates muscle growth
  • It reduces the process of breaking down your muscle protein.

The consumption of fat, carbs and Protein

Here, we are going to look at how the above macronutrients help the body after workout.

  • Protein- protein helps the body in two ways. It helps build muscle and restore any damaged muscle. The process of muscle restoration and building depends on the workout routine you were performing. The level of training also affects the restoration and building process. Protein contains 9 amino acids, responsible for building new muscle tissues and repairing damaged protein.
  • Carbs- Carbs are responsible for recovery after workout. As stated earlier, glycogen is used up during exercise. Carbs are capable of replenishing the consumed glycogen. The amount of glycogen consumed depends on the selected workout routine. You are likely to use more glycogen when performing resistance training. Analyze your workout routines and consume the right amount of carbs. Insulin promotes glycogen production. This stimulation occurs better if you include both protein and carbs in your diet.
  • Fat- a lot of people have a perception that is bad when taken immediately after routine. Most people think it will slow down the rate in which nutrients are absorbed and the digestion process. Fat will not reduce its benefits. However, you are encouraged to limit the amounts of fat you consume.

Timing of your Meal After workout

The ability of your body to restore used glycogen and damaged protein is triggered immediately. This is the reason you are encouraged to consume your post workout meal as soon as possible. Your meal should be rich in both protein and carbs. A lot of fitness experts recommend at least 45 minutes after your workout. A delay in carb consumption can delay glycogen synthesis for more than 50%.

The kinds of meals to eat

The main goal of a post workout meal is to supply the body with the right nutrients to speed up the recovery process. You are encouraged to go for meals that easily digestible. Such meals speed up the absorption of nutrients. Here are some kinds of meals you should consume:

  • Carbs- Quinoa, sweet potatoes, chocolate milk, rice, oatmeal, fruits, green vegetables, pasta and potatoes.
  • Protein- Eggs, chicken, salmon, greek yogurt, plant or animal protein powder, cottage cheese, tuna and protein bar.
  • Fats-Nuts, avocado, nuts and nut butters.

A combination of any of the above meals is likely to supply your body all the nutrients it needs almost immediately. There are different combinations you can come up with. Simply ensure the meals you consume are easily digestible.

Drink Plenty of Water

Workout experts recommend you drink water throughout the day. That is before and after your exercise session. A hydrated body maximizes the results of the workout routine. We lose water when we workout through sweat. Water can also help in the recovery process. Water also improves your performance while working out.

Bottom Line

Post workout meal is very crucial if you regularly workout. It ensures your body efficiently recovers before the next workout routine. Ensure you eat between 45 minutes to 2 hours after workout. This will help the body recover the lost glycogen and the repair any broken protein muscle.