Will Ab Exercises Flatten Your Stomach?


Abs is the short form for abdominal muscle. The initial is mostly used in health and fitness. There are numerous workout routines that are designed for abdominal muscles. Well; most people think these routines stimulate the abdominal region to shed off some belly fat. Sadly, these exercise routines that effective as many people perceive. Here, you will understand everything you need to know about abdominal exercises and belly fat.

Abdominal muscles are found in the abdominal region. They help the body stabilize the core region. That’s not all; abdominal muscles are responsible for postural balance and support. These muscles also protect our internal organs; allow a person to work and aide in breathing. Generally, there are four types of abdominal muscles. Here they are:

  • Internal oblique
  • Rectus abdominis
  • External oblique
  • Transverse abdominis

Fitness experts encourage people to maintain strong abdominal muscles. Strong muscles are linked with improved body balance and posture. They also improve flexibility and reduce back pain.

How many types of abdominal fat are there?

High amounts of abdominal fat risks the possibility of contracting specific chronic conditions. Such conditions range from heart disease, diabetes, stroke and increased possibility of insulin resistance in the body. High abdominal fat is also linked to metabolic syndrome. Generally, there are two types of abdominal fat.

  • Subcutaneous fat- This is the known abdominal fat. Subcutaneous fat is located beneath the skin. It can be pinched and felt using hands. This fat isn’t linked to any metabolic reaction in the body. It can result into serious diseases if left to accumulate in high amounts.
  • Visceral fat is the second type of abdominal fat. This abdominal fat is surrounds the internal organs. It is directly involved to metabolic syndrome and a couple of health complications. These health conditions range from heart disease and diabetes, among others. Visceral fat is different because of its hormonal activeness. This triggers some compounds that might facilitate emergence of specific health conditions.

Abdominal work outs help strengthen your abdominal muscles. However, having strong abdominal muscles without dealing with fat in your abdominal might hide your muscles. There are numerous instances where abdominal fat is hidden by a thick fat layer. This statement mostly applies to subcutaneous fat. Therefore, you must get rid of subcutaneous fat for your abdominal muscles to become visible.

Can Ab workout routines Burn belly fat?

A large fraction of people engage themselves in abdominal exercises with an aim of burning belly fat. However, not everyone manages to shed off some belly fat. Recently, studies carried out revealed that ab exercises don’t delivered desired results. This misconception can be referred as spot reduction. A lot of people think that focusing specific body regions such as the abdominal can help them lose fat fast. Spot training will make you feel the burn on your abdominal. It will also grow and strengthens your muscles. However, spot training won’t help you burn belly fat. This statement applies to other parts of the body.

Another study was carried out on resistance training. Study was carried out on subcutaneous fat on people who conducted resistance training. It was discovered that the subcutaneous fat has significantly reduced. Study didn’t stop there; spot reduction was carried out on other regions to confirm if the location of fat in the body matters. There was almost no change on the subcutaneous fat levels.

The best workout routines for losing belly fat

Ab exercise proves almost futile or impossible to burn the belly fat. Targeted workout routines fail to deliver results because cells don’t use fat next to them. All fat in the body must be broken down before it can be transported to the bloodstream. Fat can be derived from anywhere in the body. It doesn’t have to be from the area being worked on. There is a myth that crunches and sit ups will automatically burn your belly fat. Well; this isn’t true. It works for some people and doesn’t deliver desired results for a large fraction of them. So, what are the best workout routines for burning belly fat?

  • Focus your attention on whole body routines instead of targeted exercises. Full body workout is linked with high metabolism. This increases the rate your body burns fat and calories. Aerobic exercise is an example of full body workout. It can help you burn up your belly fat. Aerobic workout targets both subcutaneous fat and visceral fat.
  • Engaging yourself in medium or high intensity workout can significantly reduce your belly fat. High intensity workout can help you attain your desired fat level within a short period when compare to aerobic exercise. High intensity workout also deals with both visceral and subcutaneous fat.

Persistence is the secret towards attaining your desired results. It also determines the rate in which you will shed off the unwanted belly fat. You should also perform your workout routines perfectly. Correctly exercising workout routines will hasten the rate in which you shed off the unwanted belly fat.

Combination of numerous exercise routines

As we all know, there are different types of exercise routines. Focus on high intensity workout routines because they can easily help you burn belly fat. There are different high intensity workout routines to choose from. Most high intensity workout routines are full body workout. Therefore, choose a high intensity workout routine you are comfortable performing.

Diet and Belly Fat

Are you wondering why you cannot shed off belly fat? Please note that diet goes hand in hand with workout. The diet you consume helps determine if you will shed off belly fat or not. Fitness experts recommend a balanced diet. A balanced diet when combined with workout can help you shed off some belly fat. You simply need to choose workout routines with high metabolism. High metabolism helps the body hastens the rate in which you burn belly fat.

In conclusion, Ab exercise routines are not effective when it comes to burning belly fat. Instead, focus your attention on full body workout routines. They will help you attain your desired results on your abdominal.

Will Ab Exercises Flatten Your Stomach