Why does beer make your stomach big?

Beer has for a long time been perceived to cause belly fat. It is also perceived to increase the overall body fat. Well; is this statement true or just a myth? Let us start off by understanding what beer is. Beer is one of the alcoholic drinks. It is made from grains that have undergone fermentation through the use of yeast. Rye, wheat and barley are some grains used in making beer. Afterwards, beer is flavored because it is quite bitter. Hops are used in the flavoring process. Currently, some beers are flavored using spices, herbs or fruits. Below is the process of brewing beer:

  • This process starts by malting. During this process, the grain used are heated then allowed to dry before being cracked.
  • Mashing is the second process. It entails soaking your grains in water. The end result is called wort or sugary liquid.
  • The wort or sugary liquid is then boiled before adding hops for flavor.
  • The forth step is the fermentation process. You are supposed to add yeast to your wort.
  • Bottling is the last process. Here, beer is bottled and left to age before being consumed.

Beer is measured in terms of its alcoholic composition. Most beer contain between 4-6% percentages of beer. There are also different kinds of beer. Lager, stout, pale ale and wheat beer are some common types of beer.

Does beer contain any nutrients?

Yes, beer contains some nutrients. However, the nutritional levels vary depending on the type of beer you are drinking. Generally, beer contains carbs, calories, protein and alcohol. This alcoholic drink also contains some micronutrients such as magnesium, potassium and sodium. However, these nutrients are in low amounts. Beer that contains high alcoholic percentage has more calories.

How does beer cause fat increase in the body?

It is believed that beer can increase belly fat in three main ways. Below are three main ways in which beer can increase belly fat:

  • It contains high amounts of calorie- A lot of people don’t know they are increasing their calorie intake whenever they drink beer. Intense studies have also revealed that alcohol is capable of improving your appetite. This can make you eat more thus resulting into weight gain. Above all; very few people eat meals with fewer amounts of calories to compensate those from beer. This is the reason people who frequently consume beer are likely to gain more fat, especially belly fat.
  • It might hinder fat burning process- it is perceived that beer can interfere with the process of burning fat. Generally, the body will always prioritize the process of breaking down alcohol over burning stored fat. This is the reasons people who frequently drink beer in high amounts are more likely to gain more fat. A lot of people can positively confirm they gained weight because of drinking beer.
  • Beer contains Phytoestrogens- The hop plant flowers are used as flavors in beer. Hop plant is known to contain high amounts of phytoestrogens. This plant compound mimics estrogen, hormone found in women. As a result, your body is more likely to store belly fat. However, this statement is yet to be scientifically proven.

Relationship between beer and belly fat

Belly fat is one of the most dangerous fats in the body. It is linked to serious health complications. Belly fat is scientifically called visceral fat. This type of fat can affect the production and functioning of some body’s hormone. In short, visceral fat increases the possibility of some chronic conditions such as cancer, heart disease and type 2 diabetes. Belly fat poses equal risks to both obese and normal weight people.

It has been practically tried and tested on people who frequently drink beer. Such people are more likely to attain belly fat after a few months. Belly fat was common among those who excessively drank beer. Please note that not everyone who drinks beer with get belly fat. Lifestyle is one of the factors that determine if you will attain belly fat or not. Belly fat is linked to increased body weight and waist circumference. Overweight people are more likely to gain weight and fat when they frequently drink a lot of beer.

Who is at a higher risk of developing weight, men or women?

This is one of the commonly asked questions. Weight gain because of alcohol is highly linked to men. Generally, men are heavy drinkers when compared to ladies. Above all; men tend to store fat around their belly. This is commonly visible when men gain weight. Beer is also considered men’s drink. This is the reason beer is popular among men than women. Beer contains high amounts of calories when compared to other alcoholic drinks. Alcoholic drinks like beer tend to reduce the testosterone levels in the body. This increases the possibility of developing belly fat.

Is belly fat caused by other alcoholic drinks?

Beer is known to cause belly fat because of its high amounts of calories. Other alcoholic drinks such as wine and spirits contain low amounts of calories when compared to beer. Therefore, other alcoholic drinks are less likely to cause belly fat or weight gain when compared to beer. In fact, some alcoholic drinks such as wine promote weight loss if taken in moderation. Wine is considered one of the healthiest alcoholic drinks when compared to other alcoholic drinks. The frequency of drinking and the amounts of alcohol you drink determine the outcome of your waistline. Anyone with a habit of drinking more than four drinks at any given interval is likely to develop belly fat faster, despite the drink you consume.

Tips on getting rid of Beer belly

There are two main ways you can reduce or completely eliminate your beer belly. Work out and diets are the commonly used techniques. You should also limit the amount of alcohol you consume. Alternatively, you should abandon alcohol until you get rid of the beer belly. Avoiding meals that contain low amounts of refined grains, sugary drinks and processed meats can help you attain a small waistline within a short period. There are different kinds of workout routines. High intensity workout and cardio are recommended easily getting rid of beer belly. Overall; workout presents plenty of health benefits.

Bottom line

It is clear that beer can result to both belly fat and weight gain. Therefore, you should limit your beer intake or completely avoid it. High beer intake increases the possibility of developing big belly.