10 Bad Breakfast Foods You Must Avoid To Stay Healthy

Breakfast is one of vital meals you must take. It determines how your day will be in terms of energy levels. There are different kinds of meals you can take for breakfast. Some of them are healthy whereas others are not. Do you fully depend on breakfast to predict how your day will be? If yes, there are some unhealthy foods you must avoid in the morning if you want to be rejuvenated throughout the day. A good and healthy breakfast should include proteins, healthy fats and fiber. This will make you both full and energized most part of the day. Even you can get healthy meal prep delivery easily to stay fit and healthy. Do be sluggish most part of the day or increase the possibility of contracting chronic diseases. You should avoid the below meals for breakfast:

Breakfast Cereals

A lot of people have the perception that breakfast cereals are beneficial for the body in numerous ways. They are perceived to contain numerous nutrients which will benefit both adults and children. Most breakfast cereals package boxes include whole grains as their ingredient. This makes people think breakfast cereals are rich in iron and vitamin A. In real sense, breakfast cereals are processed. This makes it contain small amounts of whole grains. Additionally, the nutrients found in this meal are fortified, which means artificially adding nutrients. Breakfast cereals also contain high amounts of added sugar. Added sugar poses numerous health threats when frequently consumed. These complications range from heart condition, type 2 diabetes and obesity.

Waffles and pancakes

Waffles and pancakes are one of the commonly consumed meals during breakfast. Their sweet taste makes people consume them over and over. Milk, sugar, eggs and flour are the main ingredients used for preparing these two delicious foods. Their protein levels are more when compared to that of other breakfast meals. Pancakes and waffles are made from refined flour. Medical studies have linked refined flour to obesity and speed up insulin resistance in the body. Insulin resistance in the body can result into type 2 diabetes if not addressed on time. Pure maple syrup is also used in the preparation stage of both pancake and waffles. This syrup contains high amounts of sugar.

Bread toast with Margarine

A lot of people think bread toast with margarine is a very healthy breakfast food because it doesn’t contain refined sugar or saturated fat. There are two main reasons why bread toast with margarine is very unhealthy and not recommended. First, bread is baked from refined flour. Refined sugar contains few amounts of fiber and low nutrients. Consumption of high amounts of refined sugar can result into high blood sugar levels. You are also likely to feel hungry over and over again. This might result into overweight because of eating more. Secondly, margarine contains high amounts of trans fats. Trans fats falls under the category of bad fat. They increase the possibility of developing some chronic conditions.


Muffins have for a long time been perceived healthy. In real sense, muffins are just small cakes. Sugar, eggs, vegetable oils and refined flour are the ingredients that have been used during the preparation stage. Out of the ingredients, eggs are the only ones with health benefits. In recent past, studies showcased that regular consumption of muffins is linked to obesity. There are instances where muffins are filled with added sugar that contains either dried fruits or chocolate chips. Added sugars are very unhealthy and are directly linked with some diseases. Refined flour has little or no nutrients at all. Therefore, avoid muffins if possible for breakfast.

Fruit Juice

A large fraction of the fruit juices on the shelves are processed. Freshly blended juice is healthy. Processed juice is actually dangerous than you might think. It is linked to chronic diseases, weight gain and uncontrolled eating habits. Most fruit juice on the shelves is filled with added sugar or syrup. Both syrup and added sugar are linked to some health factors such as metabolic syndrome, type 2 diabetes and metabolic syndrome. The high sugar amounts found in fruit juice is one of the reasons some people fail to shed off some undesired weight. You are also likely to feel shaky and tired most part of the day.

Toaster Pastries

A lot of people prefer toaster pastries for breakfast because they simple and easy to prepare. Despite their sweet and appealing taste, their ingredients are not healthy. High fructose corn syrup, brown sugar, white flour and soybean oil are some ingredients used in making toaster pastries. Some toaster pastries claim to be made from real fruits. This just aims at luring people to think toaster pastries are healthy. The ingredients used to bake toaster pastries contain little or no nutrients. Refined carbs and added sugar make you feel hungry. Therefore, you will end up eating more meals.

Scones with both cream and Jam

Do you have the habit of consuming scones with both cream and jam in the morning? If yes, you are in for a big surprise. Scones are baked from sugar, butter and refined wheat flour. There are some instances where flavor is used when baking scones. Afterwards, they are added with jam and cream. This combination contains less protein, less fiber, high sugar levels and high calories. Fiber makes a person feel full thus eating less. It also helps control sugar levels. The high carbs in scones with both cream and jam can make you feel hungry faster and increase your blood sugar levels. Scones with both cream and jam can result into weight gain.

Sweetened Non-Fat Yogurt

Is sweetened non fat yogurt part of your morning diet? If yes, consider substituting it for a fresh yogurt. Fresh yogurt is nutritious and very healthy. It can keep you rejuvenated throughout the day. Sweetened non- fat yogurt is one of the common yogurts on the store shelves. These types of yogurts contain more sugar. In fact, it is compared to ice cream. Fat in fresh yogurt helps keep you full most part of the day. It also triggers the release of cholecystokinin hormone that makes you full. Sweetened non fat yogurt doesn’t have any fat. Instead, it has high amounts of refined sugar. Additionally, the levels of nutrients of this sweetened non fat yogurt have been reduced.

Granola Bars

Granola bars have for a long time been perceived healthy. Well; they are no different than regular candy bars. As we all know, oats contains high amounts of fiber. However, granola bars have been processed. They contain added sugar to enhance their taste. Honey and syrup are other ingredients added in granola bars. Taking plenty of granola bars can increase your blood sugar levels, inflammation and can also trigger insulin resistance. Granola bars also contain low amounts nutrients. It contains low amounts of fiber and protein.

Processed and Gluten Free Breakfast meals

Gluten free meals are gaining popularity at a very high rate. However, a lot of people don’t know that processed gluten meals pose some serious health factors. Research has revealed that regular consumption of processed gluten breakfast meal can trigger high sugar levels. You might also have uncontrolled hunger from time to time. In the long run, this might result into weight gain.

Bottom Line

Breakfast is a very essential meal. It determines your energy levels throughout the day. Therefore, ensure you eat the right breakfast that will keep your appetite at bay and your weight in check. Focus your attention on a healthy breakfast. It is also beneficial for the body in numerous ways. Avoid the above ten foods if you want to kick start your day the right way.